3 benefits of installing hospitality refrigerators for your business

What hospitality business doesn’t require refrigeration on some level? We’re not just talking about restaurants and bars either. Theme parks, hotels, planes – they all require reliable cooling systems. If you are faced daily with the challenge of making your hospitality business stand out for the right reasons in an oversaturated market – let J&M Refrigeration help you navigate your way to success.

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How to choose the right commercial refrigeration for your grocery store

Are you in the planning stages of opening up a grocery store? If so, have you considered which refrigeration facilities you need? If you’re new to the grocery industry, our team at J and M Refrigeration are here to help. As specialists in commercial refrigeration, we can provide you with everything you need to get your shop up and running in no time.

Top 3 tips for choosing grocery store refrigeration

1. Storage

If you’re looking to maximise your store space, you have come to the right place. Our custom commercial refrigerators are purposely designed to make your grocery shop appear much larger and appealing.

To enhance your space, you should consider our multi-functional serve over counter fridges, which can be used as a checkout, a display case and a commercial fridge – all in one stylish design. This can also be used as a focal point for your grocery store, and we can make it stand out, customising it to meet your needs and match your shop décor. By using this type of fridge you can use the rest of the space as a walkway for your customers or choose from our additional storage products, such as our multideck fridges.

2. Preservation

As a grocery store owner, you’ll understand the importance of keeping your produce as fresh as possible. To do this, you must choose the correct refrigeration for your business. This will prevent product waste and will also increase regular customer intake.

Here at J&M Refrigeration, we offer a selection of commercial refrigeration systems, which are designed to protect a wide range of products from perishables to staple foods. This includes our refrigerated display cabinets, which can be customised to meet your size, design, and temperature requirements. They can also be used to showcase your products to give your customers an idea of what they’re getting before they buy.

3. Maintenance

It’s all well and good to buy the latest refrigeration system, but what happens if they break down? Not to worry, as we offer an expert 24/7 maintenance service to solve all your refrigeration issues.

Whether you require refrigeration repair or need an emergency call out, our skilled service technicians can assist you with anything you need. You can contact us at any time to arrange a service or purchase one of our maintenance packages. This will guarantee the protection of your refrigeration system and its contents.

Get your grocery store refrigeration fit out today

For help with your grocery store renovation, you can contact us today to discuss which of our commercial refrigeration products are right for you. You can also benefit from our fully-fledged refrigeration packages, which include professional installation and regular maintenance. This will provide you with a cost-effective and energy-efficient service, which will satisfy you and your customers.

For more information on how our refrigeration services can help you, get in touch today by calling us on 0121 544 0555. Alternatively, you can email us at admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk and we will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.

The benefits of using our refrigeration facilities for your butchery

If you’re just starting up your butchers, you will know there a lot of things to consider before opening your shop – refrigeration included. Here at J & M Refrigeration, we pride ourselves on our premium refrigeration services for your butcher shop fit out –providing a host of benefits and enabling your business to thrive in the meat industry.

Top 3 advantages of our commercial refrigeration services

1. Showcase your products

At J & M Refrigeration, we understand that product displays are one of the most important elements when setting up your butcher shop. They allow customers to clearly see what they’re buying, and make purchases easier. To help showcase your products effectively, we offer serve-over counter fridges, which are intended to show off your products whilst conducting transactions. Our butchery display fridges are also ideal for advertising your meat to customers.

All our meat display fridges are engineered by our expert design team, who can work with you to create the ideal refrigeration displays that cater to your company’s needs. This includes consideration of size, product type and energy consumption to save costs and aid the environment, whilst conserving your produce.

2. Keep your produce fresh   

We acknowledge that the key to success as a butcher is to provide your clients with the freshest meat possible. Our wide selection of air compressors can help you achieve a high level of freshness, as they work to expel the heat and retain the refrigerant – effectively preserving your products.

If you have large premises, you will benefit from our walk-in cold rooms. which are used to store all your products in a secure and sterile space. To enhance the sustainability of your food, we would advise having a multi-compressor refrigeration system installed, to ensure that your appliances are maintaining their desired temperature.

3. Professional installation and maintenance

Here at J & M Refrigeration, we offer a fully-fledged installation service, which is conducted by our accredited engineers to ensure your refrigeration units are fitted correctly. This avoids any problems occurring later, due to incorrect installation, and will ensure you avoid any unnecessary repair costs.

Our service does not stop at installation, as we also offer ongoing maintenance once your refrigeration systems have been fitted. This includes reactive maintenance, which is a 24/7 service that enables you to call us up at any time to report a fault and we will aim to fix it within 24 hours. We also offer planned maintenance, which is an optional service involving regular checks on your refrigeration systems to avoid machine breakdowns.

Contact J & M for the perfect butcher shop fit out

Book a free on-site survey today with one of our expert engineers, who will offer guidance on the refrigeration facilities you need. Once you have chosen what you need, they will then schedule your butcher shop fitting, getting it up and running as soon as possible.

If you would like to find out more about our butcher shop refrigeration solutions, you can get in touch by calling us on 0121 544 05555. Alternatively, you can email us at admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk and we will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible. 

Top 3 tips for selecting the right refrigeration for your restaurant

Are you about to open a new restaurant? If so, have you considered the type of refrigeration you need? Here at J & M Refrigeration, we can help. We have over 30 years’ experience providing restaurants with the commercial refrigeration they need to succeed in such a competitive sector.

We understand the importance of keeping your produce fresh, secure and organised – so your customers have the best-quality dining experience. To do this you must select the right refrigeration facilities, which will not only maintain your ingredients but will also enhance your company’s reputation and increase profits.

There are several things to consider when choosing restaurant refrigeration, including:

1. Preservation

Here at J & M Refrigeration, we understand that serving high-quality food is a top priority for restaurant owners. To help you offer a quality service, we stock premium preservation facilities for your produce. These enable you to serve fresh food, increasing your customer satisfaction and profitability. 

To prevent any setbacks, you must consider specific refrigeration facilities to store different types of food, such as our integral chillers. This type of refrigeration unit can help you maintain health and safety standards, by effectively preserving all your ingredients within your commercial kitchen.

2. Space

When selecting commercial refrigeration equipment, you must consider the size of your kitchen and the best way to utilise your space. For a larger kitchen, you could opt to have our expert refrigeration engineers install a walk-in cold room – the perfect produce facility. Our cold rooms are fitted with shelves to ensure you have enough space to store everything from perishables to long-lasting food and drinks.

If you have a confined cooking space, then we suggest our single door refrigerators – which are designed to fit in limited spaces, whilst also storing a large selection of produce. This will give your staff much more room to prepare and cook in a smaller kitchen. 

3. Organisation

To ensure your kitchen is running smoothly and your food is served on time, you should consider installing refrigeration units that are accessible.

We stock multideck display fridges, which are ideal for sorting ingredients to make sure they are in reach during the preparation process. Our display fridges can hold meat, dairy, drinks and more, which should be stored in order of shelf life. These multipurpose refrigeration units will allow your restaurant to operate quickly and efficiently, enabling your success and growth.

Get in touch for professional restaurant refrigeration solutions 

Here at J & M Refrigeration, we are dedicated to helping our clients improve their business and thrive in the hospitality sector. This is why, we provide first-rate refrigeration units along with our professional refrigeration installation services – conducted by our accredited technicians.

To discuss how we can assist you with your restaurant renovation, contact us today by calling us on 0121 544 0555. Alternatively, you can email us at admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk and we will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.

How to improve commercial refrigeration efficiency

Whether you’re the manager of a local convenience store, restaurant, or hotel chain, it’s important to maximise the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration equipment. Not only will this help to avoid food spoilage and waste, but it will also significantly improve the day-to-day performance of the refrigeration system – reducing your average energy costs and saving on the costs of repairs.

In the following blog, we offer top tips on how to improve your commercial refrigeration efficiency and explore how our team of experts, here at J&M Refrigeration, can help with this ongoing process.

5 tips to improve commercial refrigeration efficiency

1. Check the doors regularly

If the door seals and gaskets on your commercial refrigerator have become worn or damaged, cool air will start to escape from the unit. This can also happen if the door has become misaligned, and it can have a very negative effect on the system’s overall efficiency.

Try to check the seals on your commercial fridge door on a regular basis, perhaps by feeling for any draughts of air or inspecting the inside of the unit for condensation and moisture. If you suspect a seal or gasket has been compromised, it is a good idea to replace this as soon as possible.

2. Avoid unit overcrowding

It can be tempting to load your commercial refrigeration unit with lots of products; however, overcrowding can have a very detrimental effect on the system’s efficiency. It will need to work much harder to circulate cold air and, as such, it will start to use excessive amounts of energy.

You should limit the number of products that are stored or displayed at any one time and try not to push items to the back or sides of the unit, as this can hinder the overall circulation of air.

3. Choose an ideal location for the unit

Placing your commercial refrigerator in a warm environment can significantly affect its efficiency and effectiveness. Essentially, the system will need to work harder – and for longer periods of time – in order to keep your products cold and this is bad news for your future energy bills.

It’s a good idea to consider the location of your new equipment carefully. Make sure there is adequate space around the unit as this helps air circulation, and try not to position the unit in a naturally warm environment (e.g. a kitchen) or next to hot machinery and equipment (e.g. an oven).

4. Keep it clean and in full working order

It is vital that you care for your commercial refrigeration equipment properly. A build-up of dust can block airflow and lead to maintenance issues and, as such, the unit should be cleaned on a regular basis. You should also arrange a professional service for your system, at least once every six months.

Here at J&M Refrigeration, we currently offer a range of planned preventative maintenance contracts. These contracts are designed to make sure that everything is in full working order, reducing the chance of equipment failure and optimising the efficiency of your system.

5. Upgrade whenever possible

Due to advances in technology, commercial refrigeration equipment has come a long way in the last decade. Units are now 85% more efficient than they once were and, if you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to upgrade. You may be reluctant to spend money on a brand new system, but it is a very worthwhile investment and can lead to fantastic savings in the long run.

J&M Refrigeration has a comprehensive range of energy-efficient commercial refrigeration products to choose from. Whatever the specific needs of your industry, we can recommend the best upgrade for you, and our experts can provide advice and guidance on how to maintain its efficiency.

Get in touch with J&M Refrigeration today!

If you would like to find out more about commercial refrigeration efficiency and the products and services currently available at J&M, please feel free to get in touch. Either call us today on 0121 544 0555 or send an email to admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk and we will respond as soon as possible.

5 Reasons To Make Sure Your Commercial Fridge Is Clean

The cleanliness of any of your commercial equipment should be a priority for both your business and your staff. Although it can be time-consuming, there are many reasons why you should schedule time within your business hours for the deep clean of equipment such as fridges.

We take a look at some of the 5 biggest reasons why you’ll want to make cleaning your fridge a priority and how it can benefit your business for the long term.

Adhering to safety regulations

Poorly maintained equipment can become hazardous, putting your team and your customers at risk. Ensuring that you clean your commercial fridges regularly will help to prevent any injuries or even fires.

Ensure you clean the front and the back of the fridge, removing any dust or dirt build-up. Although these may seem like cosmetic issues, they can soon become problems that affect the inner workings of your commercial fridge.

Adhering to food hygiene regulations

If your business has commercial fridges, you will be most likely providing food for the public. In this case, you will have to abide by strict food hygiene regulations, to prevent the customer from getting sick.

A dirty fridge can lead to bacteria build-up, contaminating your food and risking your customers with food poisoning. Ensure you are cleaning your fridges regularly and removing any food that may be spoiled or past its sell-by date. You should be using date labels in order to keep track of this, should the packaging or products not have a manufacturer’s best-before date.

Prevent stock wastage

Cleaning your commercial fridges regularly will also help to prevent the wastage of stock. A dirty fridge can contaminate perfectly good products, meaning that you will have to throw more away.

The smell of dirty fridges can also linger on food and even affect the taste, so by keeping your fridges clean, you’ll be ensuring the highest quality taste for your customers.

Keeping a pleasant working environment

The smells that can emerge from dirty fridges can also cause an unpleasant working environment for your staff. In extreme cases, it could even make a poor environment for your customers.

This is often the case with items such as milk and other dairy products that have been spilt in fridges and left. If you do spill anything inside the fridge, ensure you clean it thoroughly and never leave it.

Prevent fridges from needing to be replaced often

As mentioned above, commercial fridges can suffer a lot of damage if they are not deeply cleaned regularly. This can even result in the breaking of your commercial fridge, which can be very costly if it becomes a regular occurrence.

Like any commercial equipment, your fridges should be kept in the best condition possible, not only for maintenance but also hygiene reasons.

If you notice anything wrong with your commercial fridge, it is important to give it a deep clean and then call a specialist fridge engineer. An engineer will be able to check all of the inner workings of your fridge and be able to offer advice on how to keep it properly maintained.

The Pros and Cons Of Buying a Commercial Display Fridge for Your Business

Many of us will have seen the glass-fronted, commercial display fridges positioned at eye level in our favourite food service establishments. These commercial fridges are perfect for businesses that are looking to show their customers exactly what they have to offer, but they aren’t for everyone.

Below, we take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying a commercial display fridge for your business, and how you can decide whether it is the fridge best suited to your needs.

The pros of a display fridge

There are many pros to buying a display fridge for your business, but here are some of the most important ones you may want to take into consideration.

Easy to clean

One of the most frustrating aspects of maintaining a commercial fridge is the constant cleaning. With a display fridge, it is much easier to keep the doors and glass clean. Plus, you’ll be able to easily see when it needs a deep clean without having to deep dive into the fridge itself.

Perfect display

If you’ve got the kind of stock or products you want to show off, a display fridge is the perfect option. Display your wares in an aesthetically pleasing way to add an extra bit of flair to your business decor.

Excellent marketing tool

If you have excess product or a product you are especially keen to push, using a display fridge is the perfect marketing tool. Paired with a great layout, display fridges will allow your customers to see exactly what you have on offer. Put your most valuable products at eye level for your customers to help drive more sales.

More efficient

Due to the display fridges having glass doors, you can easily see what stock you have on offer, what you are running low on and what needs replacing. This means that you spend less time opening and closing your commercial fridge, effectively making the display fridges more energy efficient long term.

The cons of a display fridge

Although display fridges can be the perfect investment for your business, there are a few cons to think about before purchasing one.

Smaller than commercial fridges

They are not meant for storing bulk stock, so you may need to get a traditional commercial fridge in order to keep large quantities.

Placement is key

You will need to perfectly map out how your display fridge fits in with the decor of your business, as it is not only a piece of equipment, but also decoration front of house. Think of your fridge as a normal display and decide where it will serve both your customers and your business best.


Fridge condensation can be an issue with a variety of different fridges, but it is impossible to hide with display fridges. It could put your fridge out of action and also take away prime display space for your products.

Deciding whether to buy a commercial display fridge needs to be carefully considered, but it can be an extremely valuable investment. Think about why you may need a display fridge and how it could benefit your business. Write down your own pros and cons to make that all important final decision.

Benefits of Commercial and Industrial Air Compressors from J&M

J&M Refrigeration provide the supply and installation of a huge collection of commercial air compressors. Designed for use in a wide variety of industries such as retail, hospitality and food procession, the air compressors we provide have been manufactured by world-leading brands and offer state of the art technology.

Whatever the type of compressor your commercial refrigeration system requires you can rely on us to be able to supply you with it. Our expert engineers are on hand to perform a meticulous installation too. This post looks into the various advantages commercial and industrial air compressors from J&M can bring to your business.


A primary benefit to using air compressors is that they are safe. They are able to operate at high temperatures and provide the convenience and security of only using air itself rather than other energy sources. When compared against equipment that uses electricity there is zero chance of staff who handle the equipment getting an electric shock and in the workplace the safety of your team is always of paramount importance.


Compared to counterparts which in the majority are run by electricity, commercial air compressors required less input and are therefore cheaper to run. While providing the same type of production as other types of compressors, air compressors are more beneficial to your business when it comes to keeping your monthly energy bills as low as possible. As well as this, energy efficient compressors help to lower the amount of population your business will output.

Enhanced Productivity

Industrial air compressors are versatile products. They come in a multitude shapes and sizes and we can guarantee that we will have something that perfectly suits not only your logistical needs but the productivity levels you require too. Air compressors offer a massive output for a range of complex uses thanks to their varying airflows.


Another advantage to commercial and industrial air compressors from J&M Refrigeration is that you can make use of our services no matter where you are based in the country. Businesses from every corner of the UK have been using our commercial refrigeration and air compression solutions for more than three decades. We even operate a 24/7 emergency maintenance provision to ensure that should any of your equipment, such as an air compressor, break down then we are available to get it up and running again as soon as possible.

Industry Variations

As with all the products we supply, the air compressors we offer can be utilised in a number of sectors. No matter the industry your company is in we are sure you will be able to find something that meets your specifications. We pride ourselves on being able to find a solution to every commercial refrigeration or air compression job put our way.

To find out more about how you can benefit from the commercial and industrial air compressors we supply you can get in touch with our helpful, experienced team. Call 0121 544 0555 today contact us via email at admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk.

The Best Commercial Refrigeration Products for Your Industry

At J&M Refrigeration we design, manufacture and install a massive selection of commercial refrigeration products. We offer our services to a wide range of industries and businesses from all around the country. No matter what items you wish to keep refrigerated or frozen we have a vast collection ideal for application in a number of sectors.

The refrigeration products we supply, install and maintain come from world-leading brands so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your stock will be kept at its optimal temperature. This post takes a look at the various forms of commercial refrigeration that we offer and the particular businesses and industries that they are suited to.

Hospitality and Leisure

When it comes to the hospitality and leisure industry the best commercial refrigeration products are our bar refrigerators and back bar coolers. Ideal for use in a hotel bar, a pub or a club, this range is produced to include glass doors which allow customers to be able to see the items you have in stock. This makes them perfect for behind your bar as it can prompt an impulse purchase.

Other features of the range are they that have hinged doors for ease of access and that they can include numerous shelves to allow you to more easily organise the drinks you have for sale. Another range that is popular amongst businesses in the hospital industry is our selection of ice machines.

Food Retail or Manufacture

If you own a business in the food retail or manufacture sector then the ideal commercial products for you would be our assortment of glass door cabinets and display freezers. If you own a butchers, bakers or supermarket then your customers must be able to see to the products you have for sale.

If they cannot see what is for sale, they simply will not make any purchases. Our selection not only ensures your stock is visible to your customers but that it remains fresh and is stored at optimal temperatures. Island freezers are also fantastic for use in this sector.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Cold rooms and walk-in freezers and fridges are the perfect type of commercial refrigeration product if you have a business in the healthcare or pharmaceutical sector. We offer cold rooms of numerous shapes and sizes to suit the needs and specifications of our customers and their premises.

Our highly efficient assortment of products are also incredibly secure. They can include lockable doors to ensure that your stock is safe and that only members of staff with the correct levels of clearance may be able to enter the facility. As with many other items which are part of our service we can provide shelving to allow you to properly arrange the different things you sell.

If you would like to learn further information about the best commercial refrigeration products depending on the industry or sector your business is in then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful, experienced team. Give us a call on 0121 544 0555 or alternatively contact us via email at admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk. We can also talk you through our 24/7 maintenance provision.

Choosing a Cold Room from J&M Refrigeration

There are many things to consider when choosing a new cold room for your business. At J&M Refrigeration we can design, manufacture and install a vast range of cold rooms and walk-in freezers.

We work with a variety of businesses from varying industries who each benefit from the modular cold rooms we supply. The products we supply include those from industry-leading, world-renown brands so our customers can rest assured that they are receiving a cold room or walk-in fridge of the highest quality.

While we offer cold rooms with exceptional levels of performance and efficiency there are many things to contemplate when choosing the right type for your business. This blog takes a look at the things you need to consider before making a final decision or purchase.


A massive advantage of a cold room is that you create a singular refrigerated room that you can store a vast amount produce in one place. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, or pubs who serve food, it saves the people working for your business from having to go from fridge to fridge or freezer to freezer looking for the food items they require at that particular time.

It is therefore important to consider the space you have accessible in your premises to ensure you install a cold room of optimal size for your business. To organise your stock, you can even place shelving inside your walk-in fridge or freezer depending on the size and space you have available.


As well as the space you will save through the use of cold rooms compared to several fridges you will also reap the reward of a greater efficiency. You will only have to refrigerate one room, which leads to a reduction in bills and the general expenditures of your business.

It is much more energy efficient to only have to cool one unit or in this case one room. The temperature will also be more stable, so you can rest easy knowing that your goods are being stored at the temperature you require.


Many, many businesses and industries can benefit from choosing a cold room from J&M Refrigeration. Hotels, cafes, hospitals can all make fantastic use of a walk-in fridge or freezer. Due to their versatility and ability to store a variety of items such as food and pharmaceutical products the cold room is the ideal cold storage facility for many companies.

A cold room is also incredibly easy to maintain and can be effortlessly accessed – look no further than the range from J&M. The range we offer each has a massive variety of temperature ranges at which they can operate. Regardless of the sector your business is in and the temperature your products require, you will be able to find the ideal cold storage unit within our collection.

To discuss cold rooms or any of our other products, please call us on 0121 544 0555 or send to an email to admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk to speak to a member of our experienced, supportive team. You can also visit our ‘request a call back’ form or you can go to our contact us page.

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