What type of refrigeration does your farm shop need?

How do you keep up standards when you are so busy? J&M Refrigeration have seen first-hand the pressure on farm shop owners to keep quality high across the board whilst maintaining a thriving business, and that’s why we are passionate about providing commercial cooling solutions for a range of industries.

A huge emphasis is being placed on consuming more ethically sourced and organic produce. In turn, we have seen a rise in the number of people looking to shop locally – great news for local farm shops offering homegrown fresh produce.

We have helped a range of businesses keep on top of their fresh and frozen produce storage, with over 30 years of industry leading knowledge and expertise in commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning allowing you to concentrate on what matters the most; your business.

We can offer purpose-built design, installation and long-term maintenance, whether you are looking to open a farm shop, or perhaps it’s time to upgrade your current refrigeration system. Don’t just take our word for it, see what the owners of Berryfield Farm had to say about our service on our case studies page

How can J&M refrigeration help with your farm shop needs?

We can take care of all your needs with our 24/7 maintenance and repair, range of service options and team of fully qualified engineers. At J&M refrigeration we understand that a professional display, accessible produce and the health and safety of your customers are of paramount importance –  and we are proud to offer a range of refrigerating systems to tick all those boxes. Below are just some of our most popular refrigerating systems, ideal for your farm shop:

Integral chillers I

  • Available in a range of sizes to meet your needs
  • Built-in refrigeration
  • Great for dairy, poultry, fresh produce and drinks
  • Affordable and diverse

Display fridges D

  • Countertop fridges with a full 24/7 repair and maintenance service
  • Great for storing produce at the perfect serving temperature
  • Perfect to display products to customers
  • Easily accessible

Remote refrigeration systemsR

  • Remote multideck chillers
  • Perfect for utilising space and displaying your goods in an appealing and accessible way
  • Can be positioned anywhere in your shop, thanks to the external cooling unit which can be stored elsewhere, out of sight.

Contact J&M for the perfect farm shop fit out

Book a free on-site survey today with one of our expert engineers, who will offer guidance on the refrigeration facilities you need. Once you have chosen what you need, they will then schedule your farm shop fitting, getting it up and running as soon as possible.

If you would like to find out more about our butcher shop refrigeration solutions, you can get in touch by calling us on 0121 544 05555. Alternatively, you can email us at admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk and we will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible. 


Top 3 benefits of using a refrigeration repair company

A variety of industries use refrigeration every day and – for those that do – it is important to have specialists on hand, ready to help in the event of a refrigeration system breaking down.

In order to avoid facing negative implications, organisations should invest in a commercial refrigeration repair company that will provide regular refrigeration monitoring and maintenance in order to avoid breakages.

There are a variety of benefits that your business can gain from hiring a refrigeration maintenance company, including:

 1. Experienced technicians

At J and M Refrigeration, we employ only the best and most qualified refrigeration technicians who, before getting to work on refrigeration repairs, must first receive the best-quality training to ensure they are experts in the field.

Our technicians can fix and maintain any problems, regardless of the size of the refrigeration operation and the time restraints faced. Therefore, ensuring that your company’s products and productivity are always protected.

2. Cost-efficiency

Some business owners may believe that a do-it-yourself method may be more cost efficient when it comes to refrigeration repair. However, this is not the case, it is much better to hire qualified professionals to do the job, as this means your refrigeration systems are less likely to break again due to expert repairs and continued maintenance.

If your business does not currently have regular refrigeration repairs or maintenance checks then this may result in reduced productivity. You also may be at risk of being shut down if you are found to have a poor health inspection grade due to the lack of temperature control on your refrigeration systems.

3. Improved safety

Unlike the do-it-yourself option, a commercial refrigeration repair company can offer you assured safety for both your staff and refrigeration systems.

Hiring a specialised refrigeration company will also protect your customers and reputation, as you will avoid products spoiling due to improper refrigeration and lack of temperature control.


Why you should choose J and M refrigeration?

Here at J and M refrigeration, we provide commercial refrigeration repair to a variety of businesses – from small establishments with a handful of refrigerators to much larger companies with commercial refrigeration systems.

We offer a complete refrigeration repair service, as well as maintenance contracts, which will ensure that your refrigeration systems are properly monitored – avoiding unnecessary costs and providing you with peace of mind.

For further information on our refrigeration and maintenance services, you can get in touch at admin@jamrefrigeration or to speak to one of our expert customer advisors please contact us by calling 0121 544 0555.

Are you compliant under the latest F-Gas regulations?

Are you compliant under the latest F-Gas regulations?

Please look at the check list below and see if your business compliant under the 2014 EU F-Gas Regulation (517/2014)?

Commercial Refrigeration: Compliance Checklist for EU F-Gas Regulation 

Purchase of new equipment  

·         NEW: Comply with various bans on the use of HFCs in new commercial equipment 

·         NEW: Take account of service ban when selecting refrigerants 

·         NEW: Take account of HFC phase down when selecting refrigerants

Operation of existing equipment  

·         Mandatory leak checks and repairs  

·         NEW: Use new CO2 equivalent (CO2e) size thresholds for mandatory leak checks 

·         NEW: Use new CO2e size thresholds for automatic leak detection (from 1st Jan 2015) 

·         Keep records about all refrigeration equipment using HFC refrigerants

·         NEW: Service ban, affecting maintenance of existing high GWP systems (e.g. HFC 404A)

·         Use qualified technicians for leak checking and refrigerant handling operations

End-of-life requirements  

·         Mandatory recovery of refrigerant by qualified technician


Do you understand the F-gas regulations? Can you be sure be that you are meeting the F-Gas regulations (detailed above) for your current systems and future projects?


Please do not hesitate to contact J&M Refrigeration, as we would like to offer our expertise to ensure that you are fully compliant under the F-Gas 2014 EU F-Gas Regulation (517/2014).


J&M Refrigeration are F-Gas certified with REFCOM and all of our engineers and are trained and qualified in order to ensure your F-Gas compliance.

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