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Why You Need Remote Refrigeration Monitoring

J&M Refrigeration have over three decades of experience when it comes to commercial refrigeration. We supply a range of different refrigeration products and one, in particular, is becoming increasingly more popular within the industry due to the number of benefits it can bring to shop and stores up and down the country. A remote refrigeration system uses an external cooling unit to maintain and monitor the temperature of your cooling devices.

What is Remote Refrigeration Monitoring?

With any refrigeration system, it is imperative that an optimal temperature, determined by the products you are storing, is maintained. If this does not happen, if the temperature of the fridge or freezer falls or rises out of the optimal temperature range, then this can be costly to your business as the products you are selling may spoil and therefore become unsellable and go to waste.

A refrigeration system with remote monitoring notifies you in real-time if the temperature of your chiller or cooler crashes or raises or if a door is left open on your refrigeration product. The system allows you to easily monitor the temperature inside your unit and also gives you the option to bring up previous temperatures and results in order to produce reports.

Why use Remote Refrigeration Monitoring?

A remote refrigeration system is easy to connect and install alongside an existing or new unit and they are enormously efficient which allows you to easily regulated and maintain the temperature and quality of your products.

Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring Systems are an excellent, accurate way to control and observe the efficiency and temperature of your business’ storage units which contain your frozen or chilled products. You can remotely handle or change the temperature of the units you have to suit your needs, while the system can also ensure that you meet Food Standards Agency regulations.

As a firm who supplies and sells food or drink you should make sure that the conditions in which you store and chill your stock is being constantly monitored. If you fail to correctly monitor the temperature at which your produce is being stored then you may fail to meet compliance standards. Remote system monitoring presents you with a backlog of information, which can be printed for any compliance reports.

Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring Systems

In terms of the actual storage unit, our remote chillers come will a slick design that allows you to place them anywhere in your shop without having to worry about taking up valuable floor space. Normally, the device which you will use to remotely control and monitor the temperature can be securely placed in your store’s warehouse space. Remote multideck chillers are perfect for presenting the products you have for sale.

If you require any further information about remote refrigeration systems or any of the other products we supply here at J&M Refrigeration, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling on 0121 544 0555. You can also learn more about everything we supply by completing and submitting our contact form or ‘request a call back’ form.

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