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A serve over the counter fridge is ideal for displaying fresh produce. J&M Refrigeration have been providing serve over fridges for businesses in various industries, including delicatessens, bakeries and butchers for many years. A serve over counter is extremely useful when used within restaurants. The purpose of these products is to keep produce fresh and to offer lasting quality while allowing your customers to be able to see what you have on sale.

By adding a serve over fridge counter to your food retail business, you are giving yourself a great platform to maximise your sales by presenting your products in a more appealing way. By using an over counter fridge, you are making it the focal point of the business so it needs to be stylish and professional if you want to attract customers to make a purchase!

Serve Over Counter Fridge

J&M Refrigeration’s serve over fridge counter collection are all multifunctional, allowing you to display products in a way that increases visibility but maintains a quality look for the interior of your business premises. As well as this, you will be able to maximise the floor space you have available with one of our serve over fridges, as they take up a lot less space than have a separate fridge and counter.

We also provide a 24/7 nationwide call out service so you can rest safe in the knowledge that should your serve over fridge require any emergency servicing or maintenance that we have you covered.

For exceptional value for money, choose J&M Refrigeration today. We offer a range of serve over counter fridges so if you require any further information about them, or any of our other products, please get in touch by calling 0121 544 0555. Our experience staff are more than happy to provide more information about our stock. Visit our contact page or, alternatively, fill in our ‘request a call back’ form.

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