Serve Over Fridges

A serve over fridge counter is ideal for displaying fresh produce. J&M Refrigeration provides a serve over fridge for various industries, including delicatessens, bakery and butchers, and is extremely useful when used within restaurants. The purpose of which is to keep produce fresh and to offer lasting quality.

By adding a serve over fridge counter to your food retail business, you are primarily maximising your sales by presenting your products in a more appealing way. By using an over counter fridge, you’re making it the focal point of the business so it needs to be stylish and professional if you want to attract customers to make a purchase!

J&M Refrigeration’s serve over fridge counters is multifunctional, allowing you to display products (increasing visibility) and also maintain quality. As well as this, you’ll be able to maximise the floor space you have available with one of our serve over fridges.

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