Cold Rooms & Walk-in Freezers

Here at J&M Refrigeration, we have over 30 years of experience in the cold storage supply, installation and maintenance industry, working with high street retail brands and international pharmaceutical firms. And one of the main products in our portfolio are commercial cold rooms.

We can provide both walk-in and modular cold rooms to suit any style and size business and are always competitive on price.

All the cold rooms within our portfolio are manufactured by industry leading brands that we work with from smeva to JORDAO Cooling Systems, featuring high-quality motor and mechanical elements which work to ensure your walk-in freezer maintains the optimal temperature.

What’s more: our walk-in cold room fridges include shelving which is ideal for keeping your products safe and organised, ensuring that you can identify and locate the products with the shortest shelf-life first.

A cold room from our collection will offer an ideal storage solution for your perishable produce, ensuring it’s stored at the right temperature and sustains high-quality for its lifespan.

The walk-in freezer can include a lockable door if you want to keep your products safer and secure. Having said this, a cold room is to be carefully monitored to make sure it’s functioning at the right temperature.

For high-quality cold rooms, walk-in fridges or walk-in freezers, choose J&M Refrigeration today!

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J&M refrigeration has over 30 years of experience

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