Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Does your business need a commercial heat recovery ventilation system? J&M Refrigeration are specialist suppliers of commercial heat recovery systems, so that you can optimise your business’ energy efficiency. Our experienced team of engineers can install these systems for you, and they can also service and maintain them too.

Why choose a commercial heat recovery ventilation system for your business? They reduce the levels of humidity, in addition to removing condensation and mould spores leaving you with clean and comfortable business environment. For many commercial businesses, this is extremely important, especially if your work generates heat, humidity, or fumes.

If you are in the hotel and leisure sector, these systems are perfect for ensuring the comfort of your customers, clients and staff. These sophisticated units do not just remove unwanted air – they extract the warmth from the stale air and use it to warm up the fresh air that comes in. This is a perfect investment for your company.

Commercial Heat Recovery

You will still need a heating system and radiators for your business premises but because our systems recycle the warm air already in your building it means they do not have to work as strenuously to keep your rooms warm, thus making your company more energy efficient.

In addition to providing you with heat recovery ventilation systems, our one-stop-shop provision means that you will not have to go anywhere else. Once it is installed, our service engineers can maintain it for you, if required.

For further information on our commercial heat recovery systems get in touch with our teams of professional on 0121 544 0555. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our full range of products. Visit our contact us page for more details on how to get in touch or complete our ‘request a call back’ form.

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