choose the right type of refrigerated display cabinet

How to choose the right type of refrigerated display cabinet for your business?

From local food stores to supermarkets the use of refrigerated display cabinets, are perfect for the displaying food products, both ensuring the freshness, quality and hygiene of your produce while allowing them to be easily visible by customers. Most commonly refrigerated display cabinets are used for the likes of meat and fish by butchers and fishmongers, though they can be used for a range of other products from fruit and veg to desserts and pastries.

But there are a number of things to think about when it comes to choosing the right type of refrigerated display cabinet, from the capacity, lightning, glass display quality and the level of noise the display cabinet generates. These are all vital things to consider when choosing your refrigerated unit, but more importantly, you need to carefully consider these three important comparisons to help you decide the right type of refrigerated display cabinet.

Self-contained vs Remote Fridges

When it comes to choosing the right display cabinet for your store, as we mention the capacity of the display cabinet is an important factor as well as the room you have in your store to fit the cabinet. And depending on those factors it will determine your decision to go with either a self-contained or remote refrigeration unit – hopefully our blog on what type of refrigeration is best for your cooling needs can help you choose!

When it comes to self-contained display cabinets there are a host of benefits from the significant capital cost-saving, due to there being no need to create drains or trenches for cooling pipes, as well as their ease of mobility for store layout changes. However self-contained units though initially cost-saving use up substantially more energy than remote units, costing you more on your monthly energy bills while also generating a lot of internal store heat and noise. These factors when considered alongside your store size, will be essential when making your decision on the right type of display cabinet.

Open vs Closed Fridges

Open vs closed display cabinets aren’t just as straightforward a discussion point as it may initially seem, both forms will provide a suitable solution to displaying your products and provide the right care to ensure the quality. But each also comes with its range of advantages and disadvantages. Open cabinets, allow the cooling air to escape, meaning that more electrical energy is required to maintain the correct temperature, costing you more money. But how about access, both for customers and staff, depending on the products you wish to display, will depend on the type of cabinet you may require, salads or fruit and veg work perfectly in an open display cabinet allowing both customers and staff to easily select products and restock, while a closed serve over cabinet is more suitable for meat and fish, allowing only staff to interact with the products, ensuring the highest-quality of hygiene is kept on these more at risk of spoilage foods.

Long-term efficiency and cost vs immediate capital expenditure 

As with any business decision, finance is important and things like capital expenditure, monthly expenditure (running and maintenance costs) as well as return on investment need to be factored in when deciding on the right refrigerated display cabinet for your store.

Here you need to weigh up the immediate costs of buying a new refrigerated cabinet over a second-hand cabinet, and the continued maintenance of your current equipment. In the long term a new more energy efficient display cabinet will come out much cheaper in regards your energy bills and maintenance, but it will have a significant upfront capital cost.

The costing of your display cabinet also comes down to the size of cabinet you require, with larger cabinets costing not only more upfront but also requiring more energy, and so higher monthly energy bills.

So, there you have three important factors to consider and compare when you are looking to find the right refrigerated display cabinet for your food store, if you’d like to discuss the options that we can provide here at J&M Refrigeration then give us a call now on 0121 544 0555 or contact us today via our website!


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