What Type of Commercial Ice Machine Do I Need?

When selecting the ice machine for your commercial business, it is first important to consider what type of ice you would like to produce. Different types of ice are more suitable for specific applications, therefore, knowing the ice you want to make is vitally important. Types of Ice There are three basic types of ice […] Read more

Why You Need Remote Refrigeration Monitoring

J&M Refrigeration have over three decades of experience when it comes to commercial refrigeration. We supply a range of different refrigeration products and one, in particular, is becoming increasingly more popular within the industry due to the number of benefits it can bring to shop and stores up and down the country. A remote refrigeration […] Read more

Advantages of a Commercial Cold Room

A commercial cold room is an efficient and reliable storage solution available from J&M Refrigeration. We are cold room suppliers who have more than 30 years of industry expertise to our name. We supply cold rooms to businesses from a multitude of industries, all of whom have reaped the benefit of purchasing one of our […] Read more

What is a HVAC System and how does it work?

HVAC is the acronym used for the system and equipment used in commercial and industrial buildings to perform and manage the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, sometimes an ‘R’ is added to constitute refrigeration. Such Commercial HVAC Systems are used across a whole host of environments to not only help manage the indoor air temperature, […] Read more