How to improve commercial refrigeration efficiency

Whether you’re the manager of a local convenience store, restaurant, or hotel chain, it’s important to maximise the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration equipment. Not only will this help to avoid food spoilage and waste, but it will also significantly improve the day-to-day performance of the refrigeration system – reducing your average energy costs and […] Read more

Choosing a Cold Room from J&M Refrigeration

There are many things to consider when choosing a new cold room for your business. At J&M Refrigeration we can design, manufacture and install a vast range of cold rooms and walk-in freezers. We work with a variety of businesses from varying industries who each benefit from the modular cold rooms we supply. The products […] Read more

Choosing The Right Fridge For Your Bar

For anyone business owner who has a bar, beer fridges are an essential part of running a successful bar. Without one, the bar will simply not function as intending and you certainly will not have the number of sales you desire. At J&M Refrigeration, for more than three decades we have been providing bar refrigerators […] Read more

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