Things To Consider When Buying Commercial Refrigerators

J&M Refrigeration provides commercial refrigerators to a variety of businesses from a range of industries. We can call on over 30 years of knowledge and experience to ensure our clients receive a product that perfectly suits their needs. We design, supply and install refrigerators and freezers as well as offering a complete maintenance service.

Whether you work at a butchers shop, a bakery, a supermarket or even in food retail or hotels we are sure to have something to meet your requirements.

Why Commercial Refrigerators?

What a commercial refrigerator from J&M can provide is the cooling and refrigeration of all your products whether they are on display to the paying public or they are being stored in the back part of your business premises. But what should you consider before making your purchase?

  • Size – The size, shape and how much you can store within the unit is one of the main things to consider when buying a commercial refrigerator. It is also worth noting that the larger the refrigerator, the more maintenance will be required.
  • Temperature – Once you are aware of the types of products you want to refrigerate then you should make sure the commercial refrigerator you are looking at can perform at the temperatures you require for what you want to store. Because we offer such a vast range, many will have different optimal temperature ranges.
  • Efficiency – A commercial refrigerator that is efficient will allow you can essentially enhance the quality of the product you are storing. For example, cooling food as quickly as possible you can maintain how fresh the food will look to potential customers, which can only help to drive sales.

What Commercial Refrigerator to buy?

Because we offer such a wide range of different commercial refrigerators. Therefore, our clients and customers are guaranteed to be able to find the ideal product for them. Below see just a small selection of some of the options we have available when it comes to commercial refrigerators.

Cold Room

Our commercial cold rooms are one of the most popular commercial refrigeration products. We offer both modular and walk-in cold rooms which are manufactured by some of the leading brands in the industry. Our walk-in variety comes with shelving included allowing you to safely store and organise all of your perishable stock.

Display Fridges

The countertop display fridges we offer will not only keep your produce cool and refrigerated but they will also allow you to create imaginative displays in order to make attract your customers towards certain products. Normally, these a placed at the storefront to entice people to buy your products. We offer display fridges in a variety of styles and sizes.

Glass Door Freezer Cabinets

Amongst our commercial refrigerator products are our glass door display freezers. Our clients can utilise a glass door refrigerator freezer, to effectively display what they have for sale. The aim of this design is to still store the produce in a cool environment while increasing product visibility to drive sales.

What you should make sure when purchasing a commercial refrigerator or freezer is that you do not end up having to buy another one soon after. J&M Refrigeration’s collection offer both high-performance and durability and our 24/7 repair and maintenance service ensures you have a commercial refrigerator that runs consistent and to exceptional standards. To find out more about this range, please contact our team by calling us on 0121 544 0555.

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