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What Type of Commercial Ice Machine Do I Need?

When selecting the ice machine for your commercial business, it is first important to consider what type of ice you would like to produce. Different types of ice are more suitable for specific applications, therefore, knowing the ice you want to make is vitally important.

Types of Ice

There are three basic types of ice ideal for commercial production: cube ice, flake ice and nugget-style ice.

Cube Ice

Cube Ice is the form most commonly used in commercial business for one simple reason. it takes longer to melt compared to nugget and flake ice. Due to its slower melting rate, cube ice potentially reduces customer ice consumption and therefore can save your business money.

Flake Ice

Flake ice is most widely recognised for being used in displays for chilled meats or salads yet is also used in blended juices or cocktails. Flake ice also carries the characteristic of being softer than cube ice.

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is most commonly known to be used in health facilities and is also regularly named ‘chewblet’ ice. Nugget ice is softer than that of cube ice and acknowledged as ideal for making smoothies and cold beverages.

Things to Consider?

So now you know what type of ice you’re looking for. its time to consider what ice machine it is you want to bring in for your business. there are four different types of commercial ice machine we will discuss: Modular Ice Machines, Undercounter Ice Machines, Ice Maker/Dispenser and Ice Dispensers.


The location of your ice machine is of vital importance when working out which ice machine is the one for you. Once you remove your ice form the storage bin within your commercial ice machine, it will begin to lose temperature. For this reason, it is important to position your ice machine in an easily accessible location- reducing transportation and therefore wasted ice.

Air or Water Cooled?

Most commercial ice machines often reveal if they are air or water cooled. this simply refers to how the compressor is cooled and as a result, how well the machine copes when room temperatures rise.

  • Air cooled machines require few obstructions around them to allow the flow of air to pass through its vents.
  • Water cooled ice machines require a mains connection to reduce the heat of the condenser. Due to this, water cooled commercial ice machines are more expensive to run yet can be placed in areas with obstructions and a restricted air flow.

Amount of Ice?

When purchasing a commercial ice machine, a key factor to consider is how much ice your business is going to use. You want to produce the right amount of ice for your average consumption while making sure that you don’t run out on busier days.

When researching the different types of commercial ice machines, make sure you consider all these components before making a purchase. You need to know where you’re going to put your machine, what type of ice you want and how ice you want. At J&M Refrigeration we have dealt with many businesses looking to buy commercial ice machines. Don’t hesitate to call us on 0121 544 0555 and ask us for our advice!

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