When should you look to replace your commercial refrigerator 1

When should you look to replace your commercial refrigerator?

Do you own a commercial refrigerator? These powerful machines are designed to be just that and can usually withstand constant use for up to 10 years. But is your refrigerator coming to the end of its life span? Or is it just no longer feasible in your facilities? There are many reasons why it might be time to think about a replacement, here are a few we’ve picked out…

Too small?

In many supermarkets or environments where a commercial refrigerator is necessary, space is at a premium. However, if your system can’t satisfy the number of products you are selling, then it could be time to replace it. What may have worked for you back then, simply won’t cut it now, and trying to house more products than your system can handle could come back to haunt you.

There should be an even spread of products in a commercial refrigerator, to prevent an imbalance in the temperatures of the products inside. For example, if the vents are being blocked due to overcrowding, it can leave some products ice-cold whilst others are suffering from a lack of attention!

It is recommended to try and plan ahead for this occurrence. If you feel like your refrigerator will soon be unable to accommodate your level of stock, then it might be time to think about implementing a larger system.

Suffering from old age?

All good things come to an end. If your loyal commercial refrigeration unit has stood the test of time but is now starting to show its age, you might want to look around for a new refrigerator before it’s too late, and faults start to cause costly problems for your business.

As is the case with most electricals, it is only natural for a refrigerator to dip in performance over time. After all, refrigeration systems are performing at a high level for a prolonged period and are in constant use during your business’ operating hours – which in some cases could be 24 hours a day!

New surroundings?

Replacing your refrigeration system might not be down to a dip in performance at all, you may just want to invest in a top of the range unit that fits in with your facilities. A whole new selection of equipment to complement a new building could be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.

Be sure to contact J&M Refrigeration if you are looking for a new unit as we specialise in the design and installation of commercial refrigerators throughout the UK. If you have specific specifications in mind, we can work together to produce the perfect system for you and your needs!

Need peace of mind?

Finally, running a business that requires a refrigerated display cabinet means you inevitably put faith in your equipment and demand peak performance at all times. If you feel your current refrigerator is no longer pulling its weight as it once was, or you see a model out there that you feel could do a better job, it may be worth looking into it.

After all, if you are completely confident in the tools at your disposal, it is one less issue to worry about in an already busy working day. And who wouldn’t want that?

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So, if you feel like your business could benefit from a new refrigerator for your business, then why not get in touch with the experts at J&M Refrigeration today? We can help you design and install the perfect system for your requirements, so you can maximise performance and sales.

Getting in touch with one of our team directly has never been easier! Simply message us using our online form or email us at admin@jamrefrigeration.co.uk if this is more convenient for you. You can also contact us via telephone on 0121 544 0555 from wherever you are in the UK, and we are sure we will be able to help out.

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