How to make the most out of your cold room

How to make the most out of your cold room

Cold rooms are a sizeable investment, we’re not going to kid you on that one. Which is why that, after you have chosen the perfect one for you, we are sure you will want to exercise every last drop of running potential, so you are not forking out a pretty penny on repairs, or in a worse case scenario, a new system altogether!

This is why we here at J&M Refrigeration thought we would produce a blog post to highlight some things you can do to make sure your cold room lasts for as long as possible, producing exactly what you bought it for…

Avoid overstocking

Although you may think that putting more stock in your cold room is the best solution, this can seriously harm your day to day life when using the commercial cold room. Overstocking this area can lead to a state of disorganisation very quickly, as you may have to sift through a minefield of different products just to find the one you require. This may be acceptable if you are in a business that doesn’t require these products instantly, but if you are in a high pressure environment, this could lead to service becoming much slower than you would like.

This can also affect the safety of the room due to limited floor space. No one wants to walk into an area where there is a high risk of tripping and injuring yourself over loose stock. If you start to pile up too many products too quickly, there is the possibility that they could spill onto the ground and potentially cause a serious injury as a result.

Regularly clean

One of the aspects of maintaining a cold room that people often neglect is keeping it clean. After all, this space is normally bigger than the average room and can take quite a lot of time and energy to clean that you may not have. However, cleaning your cold room regularly helps prolong it’s lifespan and makes it a safer area to be in.

If your cold room is used to house products that give off bacteria such as raw meat, it is especially important to keep the surfaces and surrounding area to ensure your safety.

Also be sure to clean mechanisms that help the cold room function, such as coils and compressors. This allows the machine a better chance to run to its maximum potential, allowing it to last for longer without needing any repairs.

Keep the doors closed when not in use

One way in which your walk in cold room can be affected in its performance is by misuse of their doors. The rooms are expected to often keep a temperature that is much cooler than the one outside of the room. As a result, if a door is left open for a long period of time, the room will naturally acclimatise to a temperature warmer than the one you originally wanted it to be.

We know it may be easier to leave the door open while you perform a quick job in the cold room, whether this be cleaning or retrieving a product, but your system will hurt as a result. Is it a risk that is really worth taking?

Produce a maintenance schedule

To make sure your cold room can continue to run at optimum performance, you may feel it is a good idea to have your system regularly maintenance checked. This leaves it in the hands of a qualified expert to ensure that your machine is running as well as it possibly can and can identify any urgent or persistent faults that may need repairing.

This leaves no stone unturned, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your cold room is working at full potential, so you won’t experience any nasty surprises in the near future!

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