Simple tips to keep your refrigerator running at top performance

Simple tips to keep your refrigerator running at top performance

Refrigeration units are a huge part of how any retail business or supermarket operates, we don’t need to tell you that! So if you experience any faults or downtime, this can have a dramatic effect on your level of business on a daily basis until it is fixed. This is why we recommend keeping on top of your refrigeration unit and making simple and easy judgement calls that can help save you a lot of hassle – and money – in the future.

That’s right, you often don’t need any specialist knowledge on your unit to make simple adjustments that your commercial refrigerator will thank you for! Here are some of our picks…

Keep it well ventilated

Be sure to regularly check the fans of your refrigerator to ensure that the airflow remains consistent throughout. We’re not saying you have to work with specialist tools or anything, just a simple eye and ear test will be enough for this one. If a fan looks clogged, then use a small brush to remove debris. Also, be sure to check for any uncommon noises that come from your refrigerator as this can signal a fault.

Another crucial way of making sure your refrigerator is well ventilated is paying close attention to its position. Of course, having your refrigerator be a snug fit to any walls helps in terms of ground efficiency, but be sure to leave a small gap to allow the air to run through and avoid overheating.

Get the right size

Sometimes it is best to swallow your pride and realise that your refrigeration system is too small for your setting. If you are struggling to fit all of your products on the required shelving, then this could lead to a general decrease in performance levels over time. Cramming your refrigerator with too many items could block air vents and fans that are necessary for the correct temperature to be met.

We recommend that you don’t try and fill your refrigerator for the benefit of a few products, as this can have a detrimental effect on your whole stock!

Think about the position

Where your display fridge is placed can make all the difference. This may sound trivial, but if it is out in the open then it runs the risk of being knocked into or kicked regularly. This spells bad news for the components inside the system that are imperative to it running at peak performance, as if any of these are dislodged it can interrupt the running of the system and cause the interior to be damaged, costing you time and money in the future!

Consider the frequency of use

If a refrigerator is to be used by many customers in a shop, then expect it to suffer from general wear and tear that comes with it being used all day every day. The commercial refrigerators on offer from J&M Refrigeration are sturdy structures that can survive use for years to come. Once you have made the purchase from J&M, you will not need to worry about the condition of your refrigerator and instead focus your attention on more pressing matters.

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