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The Pros and Cons Of Buying a Commercial Display Fridge for Your Business

Many of us will have seen the glass-fronted, commercial display fridges positioned at eye level in our favourite food service establishments. These commercial fridges are perfect for businesses that are looking to show their customers exactly what they have to offer, but they aren’t for everyone.

Below, we take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying a commercial display fridge for your business, and how you can decide whether it is the fridge best suited to your needs.

The pros of a display fridge

There are many pros to buying a display fridge for your business, but here are some of the most important ones you may want to take into consideration.

Easy to clean

One of the most frustrating aspects of maintaining a commercial fridge is the constant cleaning. With a display fridge, it is much easier to keep the doors and glass clean. Plus, you’ll be able to easily see when it needs a deep clean without having to deep dive into the fridge itself.

Perfect display

If you’ve got the kind of stock or products you want to show off, a display fridge is the perfect option. Display your wares in an aesthetically pleasing way to add an extra bit of flair to your business decor.

Excellent marketing tool

If you have excess product or a product you are especially keen to push, using a display fridge is the perfect marketing tool. Paired with a great layout, display fridges will allow your customers to see exactly what you have on offer. Put your most valuable products at eye level for your customers to help drive more sales.

More efficient

Due to the display fridges having glass doors, you can easily see what stock you have on offer, what you are running low on and what needs replacing. This means that you spend less time opening and closing your commercial fridge, effectively making the display fridges more energy efficient long term.

The cons of a display fridge

Although display fridges can be the perfect investment for your business, there are a few cons to think about before purchasing one.

Smaller than commercial fridges

They are not meant for storing bulk stock, so you may need to get a traditional commercial fridge in order to keep large quantities.

Placement is key

You will need to perfectly map out how your display fridge fits in with the decor of your business, as it is not only a piece of equipment, but also decoration front of house. Think of your fridge as a normal display and decide where it will serve both your customers and your business best.


Fridge condensation can be an issue with a variety of different fridges, but it is impossible to hide with display fridges. It could put your fridge out of action and also take away prime display space for your products.

Deciding whether to buy a commercial display fridge needs to be carefully considered, but it can be an extremely valuable investment. Think about why you may need a display fridge and how it could benefit your business. Write down your own pros and cons to make that all important final decision.

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