Top 3 tips for selecting the right refrigeration for your restaurant

Are you about to open a new restaurant? If so, have you considered the type of refrigeration you need? Here at J & M Refrigeration, we can help. We have over 30 years’ experience providing restaurants with the commercial refrigeration they need to succeed in such a competitive sector.

We understand the importance of keeping your produce fresh, secure and organised – so your customers have the best-quality dining experience. To do this you must select the right refrigeration facilities, which will not only maintain your ingredients but will also enhance your company’s reputation and increase profits.

There are several things to consider when choosing restaurant refrigeration, including:

1. Preservation

Here at J & M Refrigeration, we understand that serving high-quality food is a top priority for restaurant owners. To help you offer a quality service, we stock premium preservation facilities for your produce. These enable you to serve fresh food, increasing your customer satisfaction and profitability. 

To prevent any setbacks, you must consider specific refrigeration facilities to store different types of food, such as our integral chillers. This type of refrigeration unit can help you maintain health and safety standards, by effectively preserving all your ingredients within your commercial kitchen.

2. Space

When selecting commercial refrigeration equipment, you must consider the size of your kitchen and the best way to utilise your space. For a larger kitchen, you could opt to have our expert refrigeration engineers install a walk-in cold room – the perfect produce facility. Our cold rooms are fitted with shelves to ensure you have enough space to store everything from perishables to long-lasting food and drinks.

If you have a confined cooking space, then we suggest our single door refrigerators – which are designed to fit in limited spaces, whilst also storing a large selection of produce. This will give your staff much more room to prepare and cook in a smaller kitchen. 

3. Organisation

To ensure your kitchen is running smoothly and your food is served on time, you should consider installing refrigeration units that are accessible.

We stock multideck display fridges, which are ideal for sorting ingredients to make sure they are in reach during the preparation process. Our display fridges can hold meat, dairy, drinks and more, which should be stored in order of shelf life. These multipurpose refrigeration units will allow your restaurant to operate quickly and efficiently, enabling your success and growth.

Get in touch for professional restaurant refrigeration solutions 

Here at J & M Refrigeration, we are dedicated to helping our clients improve their business and thrive in the hospitality sector. This is why, we provide first-rate refrigeration units along with our professional refrigeration installation services – conducted by our accredited technicians.

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