Are you compliant under the latest F-Gas regulations?

Are you compliant under the latest F-Gas regulations?

Please look at the check list below and see if your business compliant under the 2014 EU F-Gas Regulation (517/2014)?

Commercial Refrigeration: Compliance Checklist for EU F-Gas Regulation 

Purchase of new equipment  

·         NEW: Comply with various bans on the use of HFCs in new commercial equipment 

·         NEW: Take account of service ban when selecting refrigerants 

·         NEW: Take account of HFC phase down when selecting refrigerants

Operation of existing equipment  

·         Mandatory leak checks and repairs  

·         NEW: Use new CO2 equivalent (CO2e) size thresholds for mandatory leak checks 

·         NEW: Use new CO2e size thresholds for automatic leak detection (from 1st Jan 2015) 

·         Keep records about all refrigeration equipment using HFC refrigerants

·         NEW: Service ban, affecting maintenance of existing high GWP systems (e.g. HFC 404A)

·         Use qualified technicians for leak checking and refrigerant handling operations

End-of-life requirements  

·         Mandatory recovery of refrigerant by qualified technician


Do you understand the F-gas regulations? Can you be sure be that you are meeting the F-Gas regulations (detailed above) for your current systems and future projects?


Please do not hesitate to contact J&M Refrigeration, as we would like to offer our expertise to ensure that you are fully compliant under the F-Gas 2014 EU F-Gas Regulation (517/2014).


J&M Refrigeration are F-Gas certified with REFCOM and all of our engineers and are trained and qualified in order to ensure your F-Gas compliance.

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