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Choosing The Right Fridge For Your Bar

For anyone business owner who has a bar, beer fridges are an essential part of running a successful bar. Without one, the bar will simply not function as intending and you certainly will not have the number of sales you desire.

At J&M Refrigeration, for more than three decades we have been providing bar refrigerators to numerous businesses who need to both chill and display the drinks that their customers can purchase. We stock a massive range of back bar coolers which are ideal for installation and use at any pubs, clubs, bars or restaurants.

There are many factors behind choosing the right fridge for your bar and thanks to our many years of experience we know exactly what makes the ideal beer fridge. We have put together some tips on how to choose the perfect bar cooler for your business.

Bar Chiller Size and Capacity

When it comes to deciding on the right size of beer fridge for your bar there are two things you must consider. Firstly, you must ask yourself about the amount of stock you wish to simultaneously chill and display to your customers. How quickly do you sell drinks? How busy is the bar?

These are the questions you must consider. If you have a busy bar you will need a larger bar cooler to ensure you always have enough cold stock. Nobody wants to have to wait for their drink to chill because there previously was no room for it in the beer fridge.

Next, you must consider where on your floor space the chiller will fit, it is no good purchasing a bar cooler that cannot reasonably fit in where you would like it to go or could potentially be a hazard to your customers. Also, consider ventilation requirements when measuring where your fridge will go.

Bar Cooler Design

There are several types of beer fridges available. Amongst the most popular are back bar refrigerators which stock and refrigerate the beer you have for sale whilst allowing your customers to see what is on offer through the glass doors when they approach the bar.

You can also opt for a solid door beer fridge which is ideal if you require further storage for the products you wish to sell in your bar. The styles we offer vary in design, such as if they stand vertically or horizontally and if their doors or sliding or hinged. Sliding doors are considered easier to use and more energy-efficient which again is something to consider when choosing the right fridge for your bar. Our range offers exceptional energy and performance output.

Bar Refrigerator Temperature

It is extremely important to consider the temperature range of the bar fridge you are buying. If you purchase a fridge that cannot correctly store beer or other beverages at the right temperature, then you will almost certainly comprise their taste and texture of the product. That is something which your customers will not appreciate and in the long run, it will lead to people no longer wishing to drink at your club, bar or restaurant.

Consider which products you are going to have in stock and what the optimum temperature for them to be stored in is. Different forms of drinks need to be stored at different temperatures. Thankfully, we have a huge selection of back bar refrigerators that can be set to a wide range of temperature, which is hugely helpful when you are choosing the right fridge for your bar.

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