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Benefits of Multi-Deck Fridges in the Catering Industry

J&M Refrigeration has more than thirty years’ experience supplying multideck display fridges to the catering industry. Multideck refrigerators and display units are used in shops, cafes and restaurants up and down the country and their use has many advantages, not only for the business owner but for the customers too.

No food business is complete without a multideck fridge, as not only can you safely and securely store your stock you can display it to your customers at the same time. Below the J&M team have taken a look at the benefits of multideck fridges in the catering industry.

Visually Appealing
If your customers cannot see the products they are looking for in your store, then they simply will not be able to purchase them. However, if they can see the products and they are shown in a visually appealing and presentable way then they are much more likely to make a purchase. That is why the multideck fridge is so useful in the catering industry – all your stock can be easily accessed and viewed by your customers. They will be able to see the array of products you have for sale thanks to our collection of multideck chillers.

Utilising Storage Space
A common misconception about multideck display fridges is that they take up vast amounts of floor space. However, thanks to the sleek design of the units J&M provide you can rest assured there will still be plenty of room for your customers to negotiate around your shop floor.

While our huge range differs in specification, shape and style, we assure all our clients that each of our multideck chillers allows them to benefit from a massive amount of quality and ability, which will only help your firm to improve and to grow. As well as this, the multideck fridge has the additional benefit of being the perfect unit to organise your produce into more specific groups.

Enhanced Shelf Life of Food
You can improve the shelf life of your produce by using the multi-deck chiller at the optimum temperature that the food you are selling requires. Our units’ temperatures can be easily adjusted by our clients, so they are at the level they need. This is done to ensure the integrity and quality of the food produce inside the multi-deck chiller and it is one of the main benefits of this particular unit.

High-Quality Materials
As with all the units, fridges and freezers supplied by J&M Refrigeration, each multideck fridge we provide is made using only materials of the highest quality – another massive benefit to their use in the catering industry. We believe that if a unit is not made with high-end materials then there is always the risk that the product will not be of the required quality – and that is not a risk we are prepared to take. The performance and efficiency of the units we provide to our clients is of paramount importance to us.

To find out more information about our multideck fridges and their benefits to the catering industry please get in touch by either submitting our ‘request a call back’ form to the right of the page, visiting our contact us page or by calling us on 0121 544 0555.

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