How pharmaceutical companies benefit from refrigeration

How pharmaceutical companies benefit from refrigeration

A lot is expected of refrigerators – to maintain a specific temperature for long periods of time.  And this attribute is even more critical in a pharmaceutical setting where keeping its contents at a constant temperature is necessary to ensure the safety of medicine – medicine that could potentially save lives.

If you work in this field, then you likely come into contact with a refrigerator on a daily basis.  Let’s see why they are so vital in ensuring pharmacies can distribute the highest quality medicines.

How do medicines reach the pharmacy?

To keep them in optimal condition, some medicines may have to be stored and shipped to their next location at a specific temperature. And as such, distributors often need refrigerators.  This is typically seen with vaccines, insulin, or products that are delivered from blood or plasma. They must be kept at a specific temperature, not so cold that they freeze, but cool enough to maintain their safety and quality.

The journey that medicines go on to reach the pharmacy can be long and complex and can go through a number of sources. This is why it is so important that they are kept at the required temperature at all times. When distributing these fragile goods, their temperature should be reviewed as often as possible to ensure that they are in the best possible condition when reaching the pharmacy facility.

What happens when medicines arrive at the pharmacy?

When medicines are delivered to a pharmacy, especially the “cold chain” products that we mentioned earlier such as vaccines and insulins, they are placed in a refrigerator when they are checked in. These refrigerators must be of the highest quality, so they never disrupt the condition of the medicines inside. If this is the case, this can have disastrous consequences further down the line.

With accurate control settings, the refrigerators from J&M Refrigeration meet these requirements, allowing temperature-sensitive products to be stored with ease – and ensuring you are never in doubt about their suitability for distribution to customers.

Do you need a specialist pharmacy fridge?

If you feel like you require one of these specialist refrigerators for your building, then the team at J&M Refrigeration can be of assistance. We have been dealing with this kind of refrigeration installation for many years, and our selection of top of the range refrigeration solutions will give you constant peace of mind that your valuable medicines are in a more than capable place of storage.

As well as installing refrigerators for pharmacies and many other sectors, we also specialise in refrigeration service and maintenance to ensure that your system is in top working order at all times. Our 24/7 refrigeration maintenance service can provide a rapid response if your system ever goes down. Or we can arrange a regular service visit to inspect and diagnose your refrigerator with any underlying issues it may have.

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