Does your store need a commercial refrigerator

Does your store need a commercial refrigerator?

Commercial refrigeration is arguably the unsung hero when it comes to running a company that sells products on mass. If they need to be kept in an environment that is a certain temperature to ensure they perform at their best, or are safe for consumption from the customer, then a refrigerator is pivotal. To the customer, they may just be a standard fixture, but if you are in charge of the general upkeep of the building and its equipment, you will need to ensure you have the very best around.

This is where we come in at J&M Refrigeration. In this blog post, we will use our expertise in the area to decide whether you could benefit from a new commercial refrigerator to replace an existing model, or if you should look to move to commercial refrigeration for your business.

What is your industry?

There are many industries that benefit from refrigerators, besides the supermarkets and hospitality settings that we have become accustomed to seeing them in. For example, pharmaceutical companies need high quality, powerful refrigerators to ensure that the relevant products are able to stay in the required, necessary condition.

So when looking at the commercial refrigerators on the market and deciding about whether you could benefit from them, examine your whole business practice and see if one of these systems would be useful.

How many of your products need to be refrigerated?

At J&M Refrigeration, we often have clients that come to us in need of a quick solution to their refrigeration problems. On many occasions, they have tried to cram too many products into their existing refrigerated display cabinet, therefore weakening its effect, or potentially damaging the components inside.

By having more than the recommended number of products in your refrigerator, you are causing the system to work harder than it should, causing said issues. You might be in need of a new refrigeration system if you have found that you have too many existing products for your old one and need to share the workload.

Here at J&M Refrigeration, we can help. As commercial refrigeration specialists, we can design a specialist system that fits your requirements and also install it in your building!

How big are your facilities?

One of the main things that we find customers overlook is the size of their building. It is important to get in touch with an expert before you decide on a new refrigerator, to ensure that you purchase the right size, and it is safe enough to install a new system exactly where you want it. For example, a powerful display fridge needs room for ventilation, whether it is positioned by the wall or the ceiling. Be sure that you measure up accurately, as you can often be left with a refrigerator that is unsafe to install if you have not.

If your stock is ever-growing but your small business set up is still the same, it may be time to consider expanding your base further to accommodate the added equipment!

Get in touch

Do you feel like your store could benefit from commercial refrigeration? If so, the experts from J&M Refrigeration are on hand to help! During our many years as a business, we have dealt with many different industries, all of which have reaped the benefits of our services.

We can not only design the perfect solution for you but keep our service consistent and constant by installing it through our expert engineers and offering a maintenance service as standard.

To contact us today, give us a call on 0121 544 0555 or email us at There is also the option to fill out our online enquiry form and one of our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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