Do I need a display fridge

Do I need a display fridge?

Do you need to store products at a required, chilled temperature? This will not only keep food and drink items in a cool, fresh state – ready to be enjoyed – but it will ensure they are in the best possible condition. Let’s face it, would you rather have a can/bottle of your favourite soft drink on a hot day when it is chilled or at room temperature?

Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing against drinking it at room temperature, and you will still get the taste you are looking for. But drinking or eating when the item you’ve been longing for is chilled adds that extra sensation to the taste buds that you just can’t get enough of.

If you want to have that effect on your customers as part of your business service, then it might be time to think about looking for your ideal display fridge, keeping your chilled products in a way that is easily accessible for all.

Somewhere to store products in clear view of customers

One of the best features of a display fridge is that they are often a blank canvas for store owners to assort their products as they wish. Would you like to separate your food and drinks? Or would you like to move your products that need a push to the front of the queue? Display fridges are adaptable enough for you to work out an assortment that suits your business to a tee.

Now that you’re happy with your arrangement, what about your customers? This kind of commercial refrigeration ensures that all of your products are in clear view (and reach), so they are accessible at any time. No one wants to run the risk of clambering for that last sandwich or can, so if you feel like your store should be neat and organised, this way of storing your products could be for you.

In need of some creativity?

Over our years as a company, we have seen many clients turn towards our display fridges as a source of a fresh look. Branding is easy to achieve on display fridges, given the space provided to include your company logo or message.

After all, the clue is in the name! A display fridge is a great tool to do just that, display your products in a unique and creative way that is appealing to customers. Perhaps your customer wasn’t thinking about purchasing that snack or drink originally, but with your creative placement, you have persuaded them to do so!

The emphasis on making your commercial refrigerator as an attractive proposition to your customers shouldn’t be understated. Leave the boring, bland machinery to the back where none of your customers can see. In our opinion, you should really make an effort front of house!

Have you thought about the size of your area?

So you’ve decided that a display fridge is for you, and that’s great! Before you take the plunge and make the purchase, you should measure up once, twice and three times over. We at J&M Refrigeration are on hand to provide you with the size specifications you need to ensure it is a perfect fit for both the scale of your products and your floor space.

If your shop floor does have enough room for one of these creative display fridges, then our team of experts can get to work on designing, manufacturing and installing your perfect refrigerated solution.

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