What makes a great refrigerator for your commercial setting

What makes a great refrigerator for your commercial setting

Commercial refrigerators often go under the radar when it comes to shopping facilities. Whether this is your small off-licence or a larger supermarket branch, these systems are found on shop floors up and down the country to ensure refrigerated products are kept in the best possible condition for customers. The importance of refrigerators in supermarkets cannot be understated, and neither can the importance of having a system that you are happy with, as this will propel your sales figures to levels you’ve never seen before.

Many feel like these machines are a piece of equipment that shouldn’t be paid much attention to, but this is far from the truth. So by taking these qualities into account, you can get a head start towards better performing refrigerated products.


In a supermarket, the customer is king. Ultimately they are the people that will decide whether your business stays afloat or not! To ensure that their shopping experience is as smooth as possible, you should consider how easy your commercial refrigerator is to navigate. After all, your customers are the ones who are going to be using your system in order to find their required products and make the purchase. If they are unable to find what they are looking for with ease, they are less likely to come back, resulting in lost business.

Moreover, you should also make sure that your commercial refrigeration system is easily accessible to you and your staff. This will make the process of restocking seamless, so you can quickly intervene if your fridge becomes bare.

Adequate space

Whether you are a smaller or larger shop, considering the size of your commercial refrigerator should be one of the first decisions you make. You want to be confident that it has the right amount of space for your existing goods and, if you are looking to expand your business at any point, room for additional products too.

By giving yourself extra space, you are allowing a comfortable fit for all your products, and you get the opportunity to manoeuvre them to a set up that is convenient for the customer whilst ensuring all products are in view. As any shop owner will tell you, the worst case scenario is throwing out products that are past their sell by date because they are at the bottom of the pile and nobody can reach them. When it comes to considering space, too much is preferable compared to too little!

High performance

One of the aspects of a commercial refrigeration system that goes by the wayside is how it performs when it is in use. People can lose vast sums of money by simply investing in the wrong machine, which can fail them after a fleeting period of use. Why put yourself through that stress and frustration when you can trust J&M Refrigeration to provide you with the high quality system you deserve?

It is common knowledge that a commercial refrigerator is subject to immense usage on a daily basis, especially if based in a busy convenience shop. This is why you should regularly check your system for faults that can inevitably occur – even to the best of machines – due to regular wear and tear over the years. If you discover a problem with your system, our commercial refrigeration repair service can help.  We respond to all call-outs as quickly as possible and are fully equipped with high-quality refrigerator parts, so you needn’t worry about your commercial fridge being out of action for too long.

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