Why choose serve over counters for your store or caf├®

Why Choose Serve Over Counters for your Store or Café?

Here at J&M Refrigeration, we have over 30 years of supplying and installing refrigeration solutions for the food retail and hospitality sectors, and one of the most popular and widely appreciated food storage solutions, that is enjoyed by both businesses and customers alike is the serve over counter. These refrigeration appliances allow for the exquisite showcasing of your products, while maintaining perfect storage temperatures and the highest standards of food hygiene. Often used in food stores for showcasing fresh meat and fish, or in cafés for homing a range of cakes or ice cream, these solutions allow you to instil trust in your products with your customers, as they can see for themselves the quality of the produce. And throughout the rest of this article, we’ll take a look at three advantages that serve over counters can offer your business.


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Aesthetic Product Display

With beautiful glass viewing space that can be illuminated with LED stripped lighting a serve over counter provides the perfect storage solution for your food produce, allowing it to be clearly visible to all customers. Here the lighting is an essential aspect, helping to improve sales through creating a welcoming and optimal display space for your food protects be it fresh meat, cheese or cakes. When it comes to any form of sale, the visual impact of the products on your customer’s mind is key and with a well-designed serve over display counter you can establish trust with your customers as they are able to view your products in an aesthetic and mouth-watering setting.


High-Quality Temperature Control

But above the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing, comes the main purpose of any serve over chiller which is to provide your business with a controlled temperature environment for you to store your food products. And here at J&M Refrigeration, we supply and install serve over counter appliances from some of the world leading refrigeration manufactures, which feature automated temperature control sensors and digital displays so that you can rest assured that your refrigeration units will always perform at the highest quality and maintain the correct temperature for your products.


A Hygienic Solution

Hygiene is the most important factor within any aspect of the food industry from retail to hospitality, and poor hygiene levels within your work environment can cause food contamination and potential illness for your customers, which may lead to legal cases and affect the reputation of your business. Serve over counters, however, provide an extremely hygienic food preservation, storage and display solution, with high-quality tempered glass, allowing you to showcase your products to your customers while protecting the food from contamination. And manufactured using stainless steel, which has natural anti-bacterial properties and is much easier to clean, serve over counters are the perfect solution for maintaining high standards of food hygiene.

So, there you have three fantastic advantages that serve over counters can offer your food store or café, and here at J&M Refrigeration our experienced team are always on hand to help you find the ideal food storage and refrigeration solution for your business, so why not get in touch with us today!

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