3 Benefits of Multideck Fridges for the Food Retail Industry

3 Benefits of Multideck Fridges for the Food Retail Industry

Cooling and refrigeration is a vital component of the food retail sector, providing essential product storage and preservations solutions, while also offering your business the perfect way to display your food produce to your customers. And the bigger your store is the more you have to think about the right solution, with a large enough capacity, the method of storage and general size of the refrigeration units needing to be considered. One of the most popular solutions within the food retail industry is multideck display fridges, offering a fantastic cooling solution while providing ample storage space. Multideck fridge solutions can come in several forms from integral chillers to remote multideck fridges, and in the rest of this article, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits this fantastic cooling solution can offer your food store.

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Impressive Display Volume

A well crafted multideck display fridge will provide ample display volume, providing customers with vivid views of all the food products you store within. This feature is the real reason to invest in multideck fridges for your retail store, giving you a seamless blend of storage space, through versatile and flexible internal shelving, and commercial pull, as customers can easily spot items as they traverse the isles of your shop. This makes them perfect for highlighting any special offers you may be having on products, and ensuring they catch your customer’s eyes, by placing them within your customer line of sight.


Efficient Performance and Temperature Control

Whether it be multideck fridges or freezers that you’re after, due to the advanced cooling technologies used in the manufacturing process and the range of multideck solutions available, from integral chillers, where all components and integrated into the frame, or remote refrigeration units where the cooling system is separate from the main display cabinet, multideck fridges are renowned for efficient performance and temperature maintenance.  The easily controllable setting of temperature ranges for these solutions ensures that they are suitable for the preservation of a wide range of food products.


Easy Maintenance

Another fantastic benefit of multideck fridges is how easy they are to clean and maintain. Fitted with removable shelving, you can easily maintain the high hygiene standards required for your store, through easy access to both shelves and the internal refrigeration space. And here at J&M Refrigeration, we offer a full range of 24/7 refrigeration servicing and repair solutions ensuring that your multideck fridges continue to perform efficiently offering the highest level of service to your business and your customers.

So, there you have three great benefits for multideck fridges and how they can provide your food retail store with an efficient cooling and storage solution, that helps to market and sell your products to your customers. If you’d like to learn more about our refrigeration solutions then call our expert team today on 0121 544 0555 or drop us a message through our website today!


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