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What is a HVAC System and how does it work?

HVAC is the acronym used for the system and equipment used in commercial and industrial buildings to perform and manage the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, sometimes an ‘R’ is added to constitute refrigeration. Such Commercial HVAC Systems are used across a whole host of environments to not only help manage the indoor air temperature, but to also ensure an intake of air from outside, eliminate contaminated air, and manage the energy consumption of the building. And from local stores to large office buildings HVAC systems are the most efficient way to control the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, but just how do they work?

How do HVAC systems work?

The first thing to note about commercial HVAC systems is they tend to be made up of a number of interconnected systems, which play their part to efficiently manage the heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the building. The number of systems will differ depending on the size and use of the building, but some of the solutions that are used to make up the HVAC system include:

  • Heat Pumps – These work to extract heat from the air or in some cases water to heat the building, acting like a refrigeration unit but in reverse.
  • Rooftop units – This form of unit you will most commonly recognise from TV and film, being found on building rooftops, though they can be fitted at ground level also, and work to duct the conditioned air into the building.
  • Chillers – These units generate cool water which is then distributed via piping systems to air cooling coils.
  • Heaters – This form of unit comes in two different types, the more traditional hot air furnace, that uses fuel to heat the air, and radiant heaters which utilises infrared radiation to heat objects.

By combining these different solutions, you can ensure your business has an efficient HVAC system that can provide a whole host of benefits, so let’s just take a look at some them now:

Four benefits of a new commercial HVAC system

       1 – Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Overhead

The initial cost of a new HVAC system may be an expense you initially don’t want to think about, but the energy efficiency of a new system can save you dramatic amounts on your monthly utility bills saving your business money in the long run. HVAC systems can significantly reduce the energy consumed by your office or store, due to a wide range of energy-saving technologies that can be fitted as part of the system, such as energy recovery ventilation or dehumidification.

       2 – Employee Comfort

Most office buildings and business premises have areas that differ in temperature to others, often causing staff in those areas to feel uncomfortable, some wrapped up in extra layers to stay warm, while others have had to bring in their own desk fans to keep them cool. This can be caused by a number of issues, from as simple as the inefficiency of your old HVAC system, to the construction of new areas of your premise. In both instances, the installation of a new commercial HVAC system can ensure that you don’t have any inconsistencies within your workplace and that all of your team remain comfortable and relaxed while working.

       3 – Employee Health

Talking about helping your staff feel comfortable and relaxed, also alleviates stress which can have a significant effect on the health of your employees. But HVAC systems don’t just help improve your employee’s health because of that, acting not only as a heating and cooling system, HVAC help to manage ventilation in your workplace. Spaces which contain printers or industrial equipment can produce ozone, or your old HVAC may be circulating dust and debris through the air conditioning. Here the fitting of a new commercial HVAC system can help ensure that only the most efficient ventilation takes place, helping to keep your staff healthy both emotionally and physically.

       4 – Reduced Maintenance & Repair

As with all things, as they age HVAC systems require regular maintenance and if you don’t keep up that maintenance or bought a building with a pre-existing and dated HVAC you may be facing some serious repair costs to ensure that your system provides the efficiency and quality of service your business requires. But by investing in a new commercial HVAC system you can ensure the quality of service is kept to the highest levels. Furthermore, the maintenance costs of a new system will be considerably cheaper and less time-consuming, than managing your old tired HVAC unit. Plus our 24/7 maintenance services are always on hand to help!

So, have we got your attention? We understand that a new HVAC system might not be at the top of your business priority list, but it is an essential part of ensuring you receive the best efficiency from both your workplace and your employees, and if you’d like to learn how the expert team here at J&M Refrigeration can help you find the ideal HVAC System solution for your business then get in touch today!

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