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Industries and Businesses That Need Commercial Refrigeration

At J&M Refrigeration, as one of the country’s leading commercial refrigeration providers, we provide our services to a number of varying industries and businesses. We feel that it is the sign of a premier refrigeration company to be able to cater for the needs of businesses from different sectors and regardless of the sector, we are working with we pride ourselves on being able to offer the same level of exceptional service expected of a company like J&M.

This blog details each industry, and the type of businesses, we offer our services to and how they can each benefit from using our services. Check each section out below to see how a range of firms in varying sectors can take advantage of the products and provisions we provide.

Bars and Pubs

Nobody wants to go into a bar and drink a beverage that should be ice-cold but instead is not sufficiently refrigerated. If a bar or pub serves drinks like that then it will not be long before they lose a massive amount of custom. People will simply choose to drink elsewhere.

With our selection of bar fridges and cabinet systems, we are able to offer various bar refrigerator solutions for pubs, clubs and bars. Regardless of the needs of the business, we can provide the ideal bar refrigeration products.

Butchers, Farm Shops and Fishmongers

For businesses such as butchers or farm shops, it is imperative that the stock they have is kept fresh in order to maximise sales. No customer wants to buy food which is not fresh or food that has begun to spoil due to it being housed in the wrong refrigeration solution or one of insufficient quality.

We offer a massive collection of refrigeration display cabinets which are perfect for use in a butcher’s or a farm shop. They ensure the meat and fish products on offer are properly refrigerated whilst remaining visible to the business’ customers.

Convenience Stores and Supermarkets

Another similar group of businesses that require constant, efficient commercial refrigeration solutions of convenience stores and supermarkets. Due to the extensive amount of fresh stock they hold and sell to their customers, it is paramount that the correct type of refrigeration is used by companies from this sector.

J&M can provide various multi deck chillers and glass door freezers which are perfect for use in a supermarket or a small store. Without properly storing their food and drinks the businesses run the risk of losing customers and therefore losing money.


When providing hospitality, it is common that a business will have to cater for a lot of people at once. This could be in at an event, conference, in a hotel or a run of the mill tourist attraction. J&M can help to find you the perfect refrigeration solution regardless of the industry or business you work in.

Our cold rooms and serve over counter fridges can be the ideal solution for your hospitality needs.

Restaurants and Cafes

For an establishment, such as a restaurant or café, who relies on providing food to their customers it is incredibly important that food is either refrigerated or frozen as required. We offer an assortment of commercial refrigeration solutions to suit the demands and requirements of the restaurant and café business.

We supply sandwich units and island freezers which allow these types of businesses to be able to properly house their stock and fresh products. Without them, their takings and reputations could suffer as a consequence.

If you require more information about the industries and business that need commercial refrigeration please get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team by calling us on 0121 544 0555 or by sending an email to Alternatively, you can fill out and submit our ‘request a call back’ form or you can visit our contact us page.

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