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The Best Commercial Refrigeration Products for Your Industry

At J&M Refrigeration we design, manufacture and install a massive selection of commercial refrigeration products. We offer our services to a wide range of industries and businesses from all around the country. No matter what items you wish to keep refrigerated or frozen we have a vast collection ideal for application in a number of sectors.

The refrigeration products we supply, install and maintain come from world-leading brands so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your stock will be kept at its optimal temperature. This post takes a look at the various forms of commercial refrigeration that we offer and the particular businesses and industries that they are suited to.

Hospitality and Leisure

When it comes to the hospitality and leisure industry the best commercial refrigeration products are our bar refrigerators and back bar coolers. Ideal for use in a hotel bar, a pub or a club, this range is produced to include glass doors which allow customers to be able to see the items you have in stock. This makes them perfect for behind your bar as it can prompt an impulse purchase.

Other features of the range are they that have hinged doors for ease of access and that they can include numerous shelves to allow you to more easily organise the drinks you have for sale. Another range that is popular amongst businesses in the hospital industry is our selection of ice machines.

Food Retail or Manufacture

If you own a business in the food retail or manufacture sector then the ideal commercial products for you would be our assortment of glass door cabinets and display freezers. If you own a butchers, bakers or supermarket then your customers must be able to see to the products you have for sale.

If they cannot see what is for sale, they simply will not make any purchases. Our selection not only ensures your stock is visible to your customers but that it remains fresh and is stored at optimal temperatures. Island freezers are also fantastic for use in this sector.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Cold rooms and walk-in freezers and fridges are the perfect type of commercial refrigeration product if you have a business in the healthcare or pharmaceutical sector. We offer cold rooms of numerous shapes and sizes to suit the needs and specifications of our customers and their premises.

Our highly efficient assortment of products are also incredibly secure. They can include lockable doors to ensure that your stock is safe and that only members of staff with the correct levels of clearance may be able to enter the facility. As with many other items which are part of our service we can provide shelving to allow you to properly arrange the different things you sell.

If you would like to learn further information about the best commercial refrigeration products depending on the industry or sector your business is in then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful, experienced team. Give us a call on 0121 544 0555 or alternatively contact us via email at We can also talk you through our 24/7 maintenance provision.

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