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Choosing a Cold Room from J&M Refrigeration

There are many things to consider when choosing a new cold room for your business. At J&M Refrigeration we can design, manufacture and install a vast range of cold rooms and walk-in freezers.

We work with a variety of businesses from varying industries who each benefit from the modular cold rooms we supply. The products we supply include those from industry-leading, world-renown brands so our customers can rest assured that they are receiving a cold room or walk-in fridge of the highest quality.

While we offer cold rooms with exceptional levels of performance and efficiency there are many things to contemplate when choosing the right type for your business. This blog takes a look at the things you need to consider before making a final decision or purchase.


A massive advantage of a cold room is that you create a singular refrigerated room that you can store a vast amount produce in one place. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, or pubs who serve food, it saves the people working for your business from having to go from fridge to fridge or freezer to freezer looking for the food items they require at that particular time.

It is therefore important to consider the space you have accessible in your premises to ensure you install a cold room of optimal size for your business. To organise your stock, you can even place shelving inside your walk-in fridge or freezer depending on the size and space you have available.


As well as the space you will save through the use of cold rooms compared to several fridges you will also reap the reward of a greater efficiency. You will only have to refrigerate one room, which leads to a reduction in bills and the general expenditures of your business.

It is much more energy efficient to only have to cool one unit or in this case one room. The temperature will also be more stable, so you can rest easy knowing that your goods are being stored at the temperature you require.


Many, many businesses and industries can benefit from choosing a cold room from J&M Refrigeration. Hotels, cafes, hospitals can all make fantastic use of a walk-in fridge or freezer. Due to their versatility and ability to store a variety of items such as food and pharmaceutical products the cold room is the ideal cold storage facility for many companies.

A cold room is also incredibly easy to maintain and can be effortlessly accessed – look no further than the range from J&M. The range we offer each has a massive variety of temperature ranges at which they can operate. Regardless of the sector your business is in and the temperature your products require, you will be able to find the ideal cold storage unit within our collection.

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