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Why choose J&M Refrigeration for your Commercial Refrigeration Needs

A commercial refrigeration system that is both efficient and reliable is a must for any business, be it a shop or wholesaler, that needs to stored produce is a cool environment.

Here at J&M Refrigeration, amongst our clients are grocery stores, supermarkets and even restaurants. We supply commercial refrigeration to a range of clients from a variety of industries, but while they all have different styles and functions as a company they all require functional fridges and freezers that can safely and correctly house their stock.

If you are thinking about choosing the right commercial refrigeration system for your firm then below see a list of reasons to use J&M Refrigeration for your commercial refrigeration needs and what we have to offer.

Range of Sizes

The amount of stock you have and the actual service your business provides will determine the size of the refrigeration unit you need. Because we provide such a vast range of fridge and freezer sizes you can rest assured that we will have a size to suit your needs.

The particular size you need will also depend on what it is you actually want to stock and how much of it you have but thanks to the assortment of unit sizes we can provide we are confident there will be a commercial refrigeration size to suit everyone.

Multiple Unit Designs

Which style of commercial refrigeration installation you will require from us will, like the size, depend on what kind of business you are. Another factor is the floor layout of where you wish to place your unit. If floor space is limited then a thinner, narrower unit would probably suit you better than a wide, deep fridge that will end up taking up most of the room leaving it cramped for your customer.

We have a multitude of designs to ensure that each company will be able to find the right type of fridge or freezer for them. Whether you need something to showcase your stock to customers or simply just to house products in the back of your shop will also determine the fridge design you will need.

Nationwide Maintenance

To keep your fridges and freezers running correctly and efficiently you will need to have them regularly serviced and in the unfortunate event of a breakdown, you will need them to be rapidly repaired to prevent costly spoiling to your stock.

J&M Refrigeration provides a 24/7, year-round maintenance and Commercial Refrigeration Repair service, that is available across the UK mainland, to ensure that your refrigeration systems are consistently working to an optimum level of performance.

Industry Leading Brands

The range of commercial refrigeration systems we stock contain many industry leading brands. We believe that in order to supply our customers with the best possible units we can that we use the most renown brands from around the world who are known throughout the industry for their functionality and reliability.

We pride ourselves on stocking refrigeration systems from the most popular, practical refrigeration brands in the industry.

System Functionality

When it comes to commercial refrigeration systems we know a unit that is easy to use and allows you to easily view the products on offer makes for a functional fridge or freezer. Each unit we provide can consistently cool your products while remaining easily accessible.

For the business owners and their staff, the fridge and freezers will need to be easy to clean and pack with their stock while for customers it should be easy to pick and what they want from inside the unit. We even offer remote refrigeration systems to allow for functional remote temperature monitoring.

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