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5 Reasons To Make Sure Your Commercial Fridge Is Clean

The cleanliness of any of your commercial equipment should be a priority for both your business and your staff. Although it can be time-consuming, there are many reasons why you should schedule time within your business hours for the deep clean of equipment such as fridges.

We take a look at some of the 5 biggest reasons why you’ll want to make cleaning your fridge a priority and how it can benefit your business for the long term.

Adhering to safety regulations

Poorly maintained equipment can become hazardous, putting your team and your customers at risk. Ensuring that you clean your commercial fridges regularly will help to prevent any injuries or even fires.

Ensure you clean the front and the back of the fridge, removing any dust or dirt build-up. Although these may seem like cosmetic issues, they can soon become problems that affect the inner workings of your commercial fridge.

Adhering to food hygiene regulations

If your business has commercial fridges, you will be most likely providing food for the public. In this case, you will have to abide by strict food hygiene regulations, to prevent the customer from getting sick.

A dirty fridge can lead to bacteria build-up, contaminating your food and risking your customers with food poisoning. Ensure you are cleaning your fridges regularly and removing any food that may be spoiled or past its sell-by date. You should be using date labels in order to keep track of this, should the packaging or products not have a manufacturer’s best-before date.

Prevent stock wastage

Cleaning your commercial fridges regularly will also help to prevent the wastage of stock. A dirty fridge can contaminate perfectly good products, meaning that you will have to throw more away.

The smell of dirty fridges can also linger on food and even affect the taste, so by keeping your fridges clean, you’ll be ensuring the highest quality taste for your customers.

Keeping a pleasant working environment

The smells that can emerge from dirty fridges can also cause an unpleasant working environment for your staff. In extreme cases, it could even make a poor environment for your customers.

This is often the case with items such as milk and other dairy products that have been spilt in fridges and left. If you do spill anything inside the fridge, ensure you clean it thoroughly and never leave it.

Prevent fridges from needing to be replaced often

As mentioned above, commercial fridges can suffer a lot of damage if they are not deeply cleaned regularly. This can even result in the breaking of your commercial fridge, which can be very costly if it becomes a regular occurrence.

Like any commercial equipment, your fridges should be kept in the best condition possible, not only for maintenance but also hygiene reasons.

If you notice anything wrong with your commercial fridge, it is important to give it a deep clean and then call a specialist fridge engineer. An engineer will be able to check all of the inner workings of your fridge and be able to offer advice on how to keep it properly maintained.

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