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Answering your most asked questions on commercial air conditioning

Are you a business owner looking for a reliable commercial air conditioning unit? Whether you’re looking to install air conditioning for the first time, or you require your existing AC system to be serviced – at J&M Refrigeration, we have years of industry knowledge to support your business needs.

At J&M Refrigeration, we specialise in commercial refrigeration, but that’s not all we can do! As part of our mission to support industries across the UK, we offer both air conditioning installation and 24/7 air conditioning servicing, so that your business can thrive round the clock.

We’ve been part of the commercial refrigeration industry for over 30 years now, and in that time, we have received hundreds of questions from customers about the benefits of commercial air conditioning. So, today we want to answer some of your most frequently asked questions so that you can make the most out of your AC unit.

What industries require commercial air conditioning?

We are frequently surprised by the amount of people who don’t consider air conditioning to be a vital part of a commercial property. Often, we are faced with the same opinion, namely that AC units only belong in high end commercial properties, or where food and drink are prepared and served.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst some commercial buildings could benefit more from installing commercial air conditioning, at J&M Refrigeration, we provide our air conditioning services to a variety of businesses across a range of industries.

From restaurants and bars to corner shops and hotels – well-maintained air conditioning can offer enhanced comfort, increased reliability and increased energy efficiency for your business.

How often should I have my air conditioning serviced?

Whether you have AC units at home or as part if your commercial property, they all require servicing to ensure they are running to their optimal potential. Commercial air conditioning units are typically used more regularly than those within the home, so it is recommended that these are serviced twice a year as a minimum.

At J&M Refrigeration, we offer a 24/7 maintenance service to all of our customers, because we understand how important fully functioning air conditioning is for the safe and successful running of a business. So, whether you are due a service or not, if you suspect an issue with your AC unit, you can rely on us to get the issue resolved efficiently.

Can my air conditioning control humidity in my building?

Everybody knows that air conditioning is effective in reducing the temperature of a space, but whether it can reduce humidity too is one of the most common queries we receive. If your commercial property has a large amount of heat-producing equipment, then you may have noticed a build-up of humidity which can be uncomfortable, unsightly and even damaging to goods.

Thanks to the refrigerant within the AC unit, it can effectively remove both heat and humidity, whilst simultaneously blowing cool air into the room. This is one of the core reasons behind the importance of regular maintenance as, if there is an internal issue, your unit will stop working effectively – which could have a detrimental impact on your business.

How can I ensure that my air conditioning unit lasts as long as possible?

At J&M Refrigeration, we are always on hand to support you with your air conditioning maintenance. There are also things you can do yourself to help your unit last as long as possible.

  • Keep your air conditioning unit free from obstruction – covering your AC unit can be dangerous and can quickly damage the system if there is an airflow issue.
  • Give it a break – we understand this may not always be possible, but if you can give your AC unit a break from being active, this can help to preserve its shelf-life.
  • Consult a professional – if you’re a business owner, then the chances are you haven’t got time to start looking into your commercial AC unit. That’s why we do what we do, so that you can concentrate on your day-to-day business! If you are ever unsure about the health of your air conditioning system, or simply want peace of mind that it is working at its best, get in touch with us on 0121 544 0555.

See how J&M Refrigeration can help your business keep cool this summer

The temperature is rising as summer approaches, so there is no better time to ensure your AC unit is working to its optimum potential. Whether you want to get an air conditioning unit installed or want one of our experts to check out your current setup, we can help! Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

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