Importance of Commercial Refrigeration maintenance

If you want your commercial refrigeration to achieve maximum functionality, you need to be prepared to carry out regular servicing! Here at J&M Refrigeration, we offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to maintaining the quality of your equipment, ultimately prolonging life expectancy.

Whether you’re looking to maintain your freezers, cool-rooms or ice machines, we can help you to expel any heat, allowing you to keep products refrigerated. We provide commercial refrigeration maintenance and repair to suit any environment, accommodating the needs of all businesses and organisations.

What you need to do:

  • Inspect condenser coils

To make sure that your refrigeration units function to the best of their ability, you’ll need to check the condenser coils. These are situated at the top or bottom of the cooler unit. In order to carry out an inspection, you’ll need to remove the cover.

  • Check door seals

Once you’ve checked the condenser coils, you’ll need to be mindful of the door seals. Whether your commercial refrigeration is used for keeping food and drinks cold or storing pharmaceuticals, the door seals need to be secure, otherwise, the system will need to work harder to keep products cool!

We also recommend that you thoroughly inspect door seals to make sure that there are no tears or rips. As well as this, you should keep your refrigeration units clean and hygienic.

  • Clear drains

Don’t let your cooling units fall victim to blockages- make sure that maintenance visits are carried out. Here at J&M Refrigeration, we advise you to check your drains to prevent the need to repair broken or faulty equipment.

The drains are easy to identify, they can be found at the back of your cooler unit. Be sure to keep your drains free of debris!

Why regular maintenance?

It’s recommended that you carry out maintenance on your commercial refrigeration at least once a month, especially if you want them to last! Poorly maintained refrigeration units will lead to severe consequences, costing your business money, time and effort! Can you afford to spend time repairing and replacing your equipment?

By carrying out a regular service, you can potentially maximise the lifespan of your equipment, providing you with the best value for money. With the help of our experts, here at J&M Refrigeration, you can increase the reliance of your equipment, holding temperature for longer – read more about our planned and reactive maintenance here!

Why is it so important?

No matter whether you’re based in the hospitality, retail, leisure or health sector, commercial refrigeration maintenance is vital. We cater for the requirements of all businesses, ensuring that you get the most out of your refrigeration units.

A well-maintained refrigeration unit will eliminate the contamination of products, ensuring that they are stored at the adequate temperature, under the most idyllic conditions.

With an outstanding track record in refrigeration solutions, you can count on J&M Refrigeration! We are considered to be the experts in design, supply and installation of commercial refrigeration, providing you with the peace of mind that your units operate to their true potential.

Need to know more about commercial refrigeration? Be sure to get in touch with us today!

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